Giobi Telecom’s goal is to provide the highest level of telecom services to our clients.  You will benefit from reduced downtime and rapid response to service requests from Giobi’s support team.

  • Clients can expect to receive nearly instant access and communication with Giobi technical support
  • 24 hour access to Giobi staff and CEO, Tony Zenobi
  • Quick turnaround time with instant on-call technical support
  • Wealth of knowledge from Giobi staff to address all your telecom challenges


Giobi offers quick and efficient installation of the MiVoice Home phone system and associated telecom infrastructure and cabling.

Installation services include:

  • Cabling for voice, data, coax
  • Software configuration of telecom system
  • Installation of VoIP & on-premise hardware
  • Design and implementation of network infrastructure

Infrastructure Cabling

Giobi offers voice, data, and audio / visual (coax) cabling for existing sites, new construction, and additions.

By working with Giobi, your business will be equipped with a professional-grade cable system from top manufacturers. The cabling will allow your business to utilize voice, data, video, and/or audio services at the fastest speeds.

Telecom Consulting

Telecom technology evolution moves at a rapid pace with new enhancements and capabilities being announced all the time.

As a small business owner focused on your core operational efforts, you need a telecom technology consulting partner who will be there for you.  Someone who will keep you apprised of the latest and appropriate technology solution for your business today and in the future.  Giobi will provide guidance on the best way to meet your telecom goals and budget.

Giobi Telecom’s team has the experience with on-premise and VoIP communications technology you need to provide you with single source accountability and control of your telecom infrastructure.

Design for Infrastructure & VoIP

Network infrastructure supporting data, voice, and video applications simultaneously is the lynchpin of an effective communications platform in today’s connected world.

An efficient communications network infrastructure can provide cost savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains when compared to the alternative of handling these applications on separate networks and platforms. A high level of technical expertise is required to build and manage today’s converged networks and telecom technology.

Giobi Telecom consultants have the industry required certifications with real-world experience to design, implement, and manage your communications network and telephone systems.